Dgnd3700v2 very slow speeds with windows 10 devices


Dgnd3700v2 very slow speeds with windows 10 devices

Hi there,
I have a dgnd3700 and updated it to the firmware over the weekend.

Since doing this, any windows device running windows 10 that tries to access it either wirelessly (PC, Lumia 950xl and Xbox) have an incredibly slow download speed.

I have a 50mbps download speed plan for our internet.
When I connect a non windows device, I get around 40-50mbps download speed.

When the windows device is connected either wirelessly or via an Ethernet connection, I'm lucky if I get between 0.5 and 1.5mbps.

I'm at a loss as to a solution. All my windows 10 devices were working fine before this update.

Does anyone have a suggestion or solution that may fix the issue??
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Re: Dgnd3700v2 very slow speeds with windows 10 devices

Hello Ronevarg


You could try to go back to a older firmware to test to see if the firmware is the issue.



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Re: Dgnd3700v2 very slow speeds with windows 10 devices

Hi DarrenM,


Thanks for the suggestion.


I have done some additional investigating as well.


Last week, our ISP to the estate we live in performed an 'upgrade'. We lost the internet for a couple of days. When the internet came back up, that's when the issue started.


When I try and connect to the DGND3700v2 with a non-windows 10 device (I used an Iphone), I get the 50Mbps.


I have also tried it with a different Netgear router (Netgear D6200), and extactly the same thing has happened with that router.


would a firmware downgrade make a difference if some devices are working, and prior to the firmware update and the ISP update, everything was working ok?


I will try the firmware downgrade and see if that works. It seems strange that non-windows devices are working fine though!


I have also asked my ISP to see if they can shed any light on it.


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