Faulty Port Forwarding on D7000 Nighthawk

Why won't my D7000 allow me to open more than one port?


I have set one forwarding rule to a LAN device and when I check for the open port using and the port is reported as open.

I then set another rule for a different port for a different LAN device and yougetsignal and canyouseeme says the port is closed. No matter what port number I use or LAN IP I point it to, I cannot get more than one port open. I've ticked the "Disable Port Scan and DoS Protection" so I can perform port scanning. I have disabled HTTP access to the Readyshare because I'm port forwarding port 80 to another LAN device. I have rebooted the router after every rule change/entry. I have also disabled NAT Filtering.


This is driving me nuts. I do port forwarding every day for my clients, so I don't believe I'm doing anything wrong, but hey, I'm open to suggestions.


Router firmware is V1.0.1.44_1.0.1


Any help please will be much appreciated.

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Re: Faulty Port Forwarding on D7000 Nighthawk

Hello Jesse_s


port 80 is reserved on the router and can not be forward.



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Re: Faulty Port Forwarding on D7000 Nighthawk

I have port 80 forwarded in my D7000 to a raspberry pi on my internal network (


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