Help in troubleshooting for modem/router On Networks N300RM


Help in troubleshooting for modem/router On Networks N300RM

Hi there,

I purchased about ten days ago this product, which I found out as discontinued (On Network brand is no longer existing and web page recommends to address to Netgear website); after having configured it with right parameters for my ISP (I'm from Rome, Italy), it properly connected to the internet; a notification appeared then on the main menu, indicating that a newer firmware was available so I went on to update the device.
Everything seemed to be ok and, after update, the modem/router correctly rebooted; however, after some tests with, I first noticed that ping values were much higher compared to those of my old Netgear DG834Gv3 (still working and in perfect conditions, by the way, after about eight years from purchase date). Now things seem to be a little better (ping values may vary from 20 to 50ms, according to the moments of the day) but there are a couple of malfunctions which I fail to understand.

First of all, the adsl and wi-fi led do never blink while exchanging data with my iMac although they're always steadily green; besides, Samsung Easy Printer Manager is not able to detect my Samsung all-in-one printer, which is properly connected to the device via ethernet. If I connect a usb cable, instead, the software is correctly launched and working; the curious fact is that the printer is perfectly working, either with usb or ethernet, simply launching the print commands from my iMac but I can't use the setting options available with Easy Printer Manager if connected only via ethernet. :-O

I tried several solutions (applying an IP address to the printer either in the modem/router setting page and in the Easy Printer Manager, let it manage authomatically by the computer, turning off the iMac firewall) but none of them helped me solve this bizarre issue.

As explained, On Networks website has been removed so it's impossible to look for the original firmware of the device or the subsequent updates; unfortunately, this was the last piece available at the store and can't be therefore replaced for the above reasons.
I tried to contact the official Netgear support by phone but they were unable to offer any help.
Is there someone out here experiencing the same issues, who could give some help?

One more thing: none of this issues showed up if using my old DG834Gv3, apart lower download values which would make me prefer the use of the newer N300RM.
Many thanks in advance for your cooperation,



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Re: Help in troubleshooting for modem/router On Networks N300RM

Hello MarcoYahoo


Unfortunately we no longer support the On Networks products after they were shut down. But maybe someone else in the community may be able to help with the product.



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Re: Help in troubleshooting for modem/router On Networks N300RM

Hello Darren,

thanks for your reply. I'd have at least expected that support webpage, featuring both original and updated firmwares, would have been kept at its place or moved to Netgear website, since devices sold with On Networks brand are indeed Netgear discontinued products rebranded.


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