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IPv6 connections timeout

Hi, i'm having issues with IPv6 connectivity. I already posted all the details here --->

Just a small update:
The router was set to autoconf IPv6 before (as shown in the ubuntuforums thread above) and i was experiencing timeouts both on windows and linux; now using DHCP i get no timeouts on windows but no ipv6 connectivity on linux (i appear to have a global address but i get "network unreachable" errors anyway).

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Re: IPv6 connections timeout

It looks like i managed to solve this after posting where knowledgeble people are. :mad:
I fixed the issue after manually modifying a configuration file (radvd.conf) inside the router via telnet.
The timing and lifetime of advertisements, solicitations were wrongly set by the vendor.
Not that i hope for an official answer here of course :mad:
See for yourself:
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Re: IPv6 connections timeout

Since waiting for an official fix is useless (even after contacting the official support) I'd love to modify the firmware on my own to integrate the suggested changes (see stackexchange link) so that i don't have to telnet into the router each time i turn it on. Where do i start?

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