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Javascript problem

Hi, I wonder if some-one could help solve a problem with my Netgear N600 DGND3700 dual band wireless ADSL router, please.
I am using a Toshiba Tecra 64 bit laptop with Windows 10, latest updates, and I use Mozilla Firefox, latest update, as my browser. The router also is checked about once a month for any new updates.
Last week I connected to the router to add a new smartphone to the routers acces list, which I use to limit general access to the network. I connect using a cable, not wirelessly. If some-one needs to access the internet then I add the laptop or phone to the access list, using the unit's MAC address.
I also tidy the access list maybe every three months or so, removing any unit that hasn't connected for two months or thereabouts.
Last week I connected to the router and added a new smartphone to the router access list, and everything was fine. But yesterday, Wednesday, I tried to access the router via www.routerlogin, as usual, but I got the message - "Checking Javascript Support, To provide an enhanced user interface, this Router uses JavaScript extensively. If this page is not quickly replaced, your Browser does NOT support JavaScript. If this page is not quickly replaced, your Browser does NOT support JavaScript."
Having looked up solutions to correct this problem I uninstalled Java v.8 and reinstalled it. I restarted Mozilla Firefox and tried again, but with no success. I then uninstalled Java v.8 again, restarted the laptop, re-installed Java v.8, checked on the Java website that it is the latest version, and that it is working properly, and tried to log in to the router again. Still nothing except the message about Javascript support.
I then tried to restore my laptop to an earlier date, as I had connected to the router in January, but I wasn't able to do that.
I tried to use Chrome to connect, which it did, but then when I tried to enter the MAC address of the new phone I got a message to say that I hadn't entered a valid MAC address, when I know that I had done, as I had the phone right beside me
At that point I took out and old Toshiba which also uses Windows 10, 32 bit, and that connected immediately, and I was able to make the changes that I needed. This old laptop doesn't have any programs installed, and I keep it in a draw in case of emergencies like this.
I have tried again a couple of times to connect to the router with my usual laptop but still no success, and I would like to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible. I have tried restsrting my laptop several times, I have downloaded all the latest updates from Microsoft, but still no good.
Any advice would be most gratefully received, so thanks in advance.


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Re: Javascript problem

You're making a very basic but common mistake.  JavaScript and Java are entirely different languages and have nothing to do with each other.  They were developed by different people at different companies.  Javascript is built into most browsers, including Firefox and Chrome, and is enabled by default.  You don't need Java for logging into the router.

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Re: Javascript problem

Hi, I appreciate your reply, but unfortunately it doesn't provide me with any clues as to what is causing the Javascript problem.


Whether or not I am making a common mistake doesn't prevent my laptop from getting a Javascript error when attempting to log into the router to make changes to the router set-up, specifically the router access list.


I know from the message that I receive that the problem is being caused by a Javascript error, and that either the router or the laptop thinks that I have an incorrect version of Java. But having checked with Java website I am using the most up-to-date of Java.


So it looks like I am going to have to find the solution elsewhere, unfortunately.



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Re: Javascript problem

As I mentioned, Javascript is built into the browser, so that was a clue for you to check your browser settings and make sure that Javascript is enabled.  Again, Java has nothing to do with Javascript, so whatever error your laptop is throwing up about Java versions is unrelated.  If you have any antivirus/antimalware software, you may want to check whether its settings are too restrictive.  Good luck.

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