N600 Duplicate Service Name??!!!


N600 Duplicate Service Name??!!!

Hi All,

I have a new router for a new Fibre Connection DGND3700(N600) which works great! But then i get to setting up my ports and it all falls down...

I can not do a simple thing like i could with the DG834 router series.

I have two remote IP addresses that i want to access the same port. Such a simple thing? This keeps it secure for remote desktop. However, upon entering the second entry it says error 'Duplicate Service Name'
The DG834 would allow duplicate service names.

So i think right ok then, its doesnt like the same service name. I will create a new different service name to the same port number.

So i click add service, create a different name, type in the same port number i want and BAM! it says 'Service port is already used by another service'

Then you start thinking its some kind of joke or your missing something, it doesnt want the same service name, but doesnt let you add a different name for the same port???

I am literally stuck. If this router can not do what routers from the year 2000 could do like the DG834 then time for me to start selling other manufacturers to my customers. Its normal practice for users to allow multiple remote IP's to access the same port.

Am i missing something very basic here?
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Re: N600 Duplicate Service Name??!!!

That is normal behavior in a way.

Result is limited by firmware so what you see is what you get. You can certainly ask support at for future enhancement Smiley HappySmiley Happy
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Re: N600 Duplicate Service Name??!!!

This is the WNDR3700 forum.

I know that Netgear tends to follow similar builds across all products, and none of them I have ever seen allows you to filter inbound connections by IP.

It sounds like that is what your asking for, to allow 2 (internet) based IPs to connect to your 1 home based PC using RDP(or similar).

If however you mean that you have 2 home based connections that you want to share via RDP using the same port then no, it is not going to work. Most routers would not support this, but a few may allow it (like the above situation) where you assign (x) to connect to lan(1) and (y) to connect to lan(2).

When I look in the setup sheets for the DG834 I think I see the option where you can pick "WAN Users" or the ilk. Sadly, the 3700 does not support this, nor does any of the newer products I have, so there is a good chance that NG are not going to change this. You should contact support and ask for that functionality, however I wouldnt expect an answer or a quick change. Be sure to let them know that this type of functionality was there on your previous NG device.

Just being curious here. You say you have switched to Fiber and you would now have a stand alone Modem. Is the DNGD3700 getting a private IP or a public IP. It might be that the Modem has NAT (router) features and you could POSSIBLY do what you want using the menus in that!
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Re: N600 Duplicate Service Name??!!!

That is a real shame as i do like Netgear products. But most customers feel at ease knowing their remote desktops are locked down by IP address and not just secured by the remote desktop password alone.

An example:
Without the option to allow 'duplicate service names', as the new netgear products login section calls it, you might see IP addresses based in china or such countries constantly attempting to connect via the open port, possibly making password attemps. The netgear log will sometimes get completely jam packed with unauthorised login attempts to a static IP.

If i were to setup remote desktop, always on, with a password of just password with no IP lockdown, in my experience i would give it one week and someone from another country would be logged in. Ok so i can use a more secure password (caps/special chars), but it still doesnt give customer peace of mind like an additional IP address lockdown to all individual IP address that you may log in from to the same port number.

I have had most home business customers pay BT or whoever they are with the small additional monthly fee for a static IP address purely for this reason.

The annoying part for me is that in the programming of the new netgear products control panel. Linux based, or whatever it is. I know that it will be simply a case of allowing or dis-allowing 'duplicate service names'. probably as easy as changing a 1 to a 0. But perhaps they just havent realised how important it is to certain setups.

I will try and let them know and see what happens. In the meantime i can get round it with the new fibre connection by keeping the old broadband line active and using a DG834G for all additional remote connections in.
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Re: N600 Duplicate Service Name??!!!



I know this is a couple of years on but we have recently aquired a DgND3700v2 with the latest firmware and it's still the same rubbish! 


How, for instance are you supposed to create a custom scope for filtering SMTP traffic from specific addresses on a network! All you appear to be able to do is 'Block All' or 'Allow All'?


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