Re: NETGEAR D3600 drops connection every 10 minutes


NETGEAR D3600 drops connection every 10 minutes

Router: D3600 N600
Firmware: V1.0.0.61_1.0.1
OS: Windows 10
Broadband connection: ADSL2+ (10-12mbps down/400-700kbps up)

So I'm in a frazzled state, but I'll do my best to explain. Both my WiFi and LAN connections keep dropping off every now and again. Every time this happens, I log into my router via the browser (oftentimes I'll unplug the router and plug it back in). When I check the internet status, naturally it says it isn't connected, and tells me to check the DSL cable, but my ADSL cable is always plugged into the router (sometimes when I check it at the router, there's a little bit of give and the cable is able to go a little bit farther into the insertion point, but I can't decide if that's an issue or not). 


My PlayStation 4 has been providing some interesting data regarding this issue. Although PS4's throttle your download and upload speeds, I can tell something has gone awry when I'm getting 100kbps on one connection test, and then 11.1 down and .454 up in a second test 2-3 minutes later. This makes me think that the copper wires my line is runing through are buggered, and I really do hope this is the case, rather than my $164 router being a lemon. 

Sorry if this post is disjointed, but I'm at my wit's end. Hope to hear some opinions. 

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Re: NETGEAR D3600 drops connection every 10 minutes

Hello Sorenspete

Can you post your modem logs when these disconnects are happening.


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