NETGEAR R6400 with Sky Q


NETGEAR R6400 with Sky Q

I am leaving Virgin cable broadband and moving to Sky Fibre because of cost,I was using my NETGEAR R6400 with the Virgin super hub in Modem mode but can someone tell me if I can still use my NETGEAR R6400 instead of the Sky Q router when I move to Sky and if so how do I set it up,thanks.

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Re: NETGEAR R6400 with Sky Q

In general a router is a router is a router. It doesn't care about the network. But these pesky Internet service providers have a habit of making life difficult.


Various messages here about using Netgear kit with Sky Q


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There are probably more Netgear users on the Sky Q forum than there are Sky Q users here:


Home - Sky Community


So that's another place to try.

Just another user.

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