Netgear D7000 V1 Nighthawk - New Ancistrus Firmware


Netgear D7000 V1 Nighthawk - New Ancistrus Firmware

Negan has updated the open source Ancistrus firmware for Netgear D7000 v1

It is again based on the official firmware V1.0.1.78_1.0.1 with more linux security updates.


See the release notes for Build 827 here ..


Download is at the above link.


Main project page is here ..




For anyone not familiar with using this firmware :


Its easy, just go to the Project home page

Look for the link to the latest build.

Read down to the bottom of the latest build, currently #827

You will find a link in "Assets" just after commentary, for the zip ..

.. Download the zip, right click the download and extract it (using something like 7Zip or WinRAR - if you havent got one of them installed, I think Windows own archive UnZip will work on it).


Among the extracted files is a disc image file.


Load up your Web Browser, and enter in the Address / URL bar and press return

Log in to your router

And then go to Advanced, Administration, Firmware Update.

Click the Browse button.
Navigate to the firmware .img file you just downloaded and extracted.
Select the firmware file.

Click the Upload button.


This is all best done with an ethernet connection to the router, but I have done it with WIFI the last five times without issue.


It will take a few minutes to upload the firmware file into the router, the router will reboot.


You may have to log back in to the router once its rebooted. For me I just wait until my machine auto connects me to the router when it comes back up, and stay on the same router page and it all goes great.


Your settings will be preserved. And you will find you have another Tab, the Ancistrus Tab, which allows you to dabble with even more settings, though I personally leave them at default (Unless TelNetting is enabled, I recall turning that off because its not something I wish to use, or allow anyone else to be able to TelNet into the router)


You can find all the above Instructions in the official manual for the D7000 here ..


You can find additional instructions for all the new capabilities Ancistrus gives you here on the Ancistrus WIKI ..


If you have reservations about using open source firmware that is your prerogative, but personally I have been using this for about 6 years now without issue, and have the peace of mind that in terms of security it is more up to date than the official Netgear produced firmware (which Negan takes as the basis for his additional updates and cleanup - read the release notes, its all detailled there).

Being open source, anyone can inspect all of the code to audit it, so I cant imagine Negan would introduce anything that would damage his rep.


Negan was also the first one to fix the old mini_httpd null errors which prevented people from accessing the D7000 v1 routers admin pages (which Netgear later included in their own version of the firmware, after initially trying to blame Google for the problem) :

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