Netgear D7000

I Have a Netgear D7000 and within the advanced wireless setting I am unable to SAVE WPS setting "Keep Existing Wireless Settings" also the WPS is set to disbaled and cannot change it.


When using the WPS it changes the SSID and password, I want to keep the setting when pressing the WPS button but not allowing to check the boxes. 


Can you assist and advise why this can't be changed.

Model: JR6100|AC1200 WiFi Router
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Re: Netgear D7000

> I Have a Netgear D7000 [...]

   Plain/v1 or v2?  Firmware version?

   I haven't used WPS, so I know nothing, but around here (D7000,
V1.0.1.50_1.0.1), ADVANCED > Advanced Setip > Wireless Settings shows:

      WPS Settings
      Router's PIN:          <8-digit number>
      [ ] Disable Router's PIN
      [x] Keep Existing Wireless Settings (2.4GHz b/g/n)
      [x] Keep Existing Wireless Settings (5GHz a/n/ac)

and all the check-boxes are responsive.  (I have the same SSID on both
radios, so either "Keep Existing" box affects both.)

   If the router is hopelessly confused, then it may be time to try the
usual panacea, a full ("factory") reset (and reconfiguration).

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