Re: Netgear D7000v2 disconnects from VPN, xbox one and video streams


Netgear D7000v2 disconnects from VPN, xbox one and video streams

Currently using firmware V1.0.0.51_1.0.1 on my Netgear D7000v2. 


I originally had a TP Link router modem which gave up on me but I had no issues with any services I was using while it was working. I then bought a Netgear (can't remember model) and had issues with xbox one refusing to stay connected to online games (I setup all the recommended port forwarding), connecting to my company VPN which would connect then disconnect after a few minutes and would not reconnect again without restarting the modem and also streaming video from some provides (optus sports and bein sports in australia) which would stream perfect for a few minutes and then bam stop streaming. Youtube and netflix though no issues which I believe is due to the WMM setting. I figured that modem was the problem so I took it back and spent some extra cash and got the nighthawk as the second replacement, but I am having the exact same issues with this one as mentioned above.


I've searched high and low and have found many people having the same VPN connection issues but none of them specify if or how they were resolved. I have a feeling its something to do with netgears firewall and if I solve that it will solve all the issues.


I've made NAT filtering Open. I've disabled SIP ALG. I've tried with UPNP on and off. I've turned on respond to ping. I've given my xbox a static IP. I've disabled port scan and DoS. Tried different firmwares 40, 44 and 51. I think I tried 53 and reverted but I could be wrong.


With all the services, if I restart the modem they all work fine. A few minutes later things stop working.


Is this another dud router or is it in the software?

Model: D7000|Nighthawk AC1900 VDSL/ADSL Modem Router
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Re: Netgear D7000v2 disconnects from VPN, xbox one and video streams

Hi @drg57, welcome to the community! I've sent you a message. Please check your inbox.



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