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Netgear d6300

My router has 2.4 and 5 ghz. Kan close down 5 ghz. I have to do that so I can conect an camera as only works on 2.4 ghz. 

Model: Dual Band
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Re: Netgear d6300

> [...] Kan close down 5 ghz. [...]


   Visit , put in your model number,
and look for Documentation.  Get the User Manual.  Look for "Enable WiFi
Radio".  But I wouldn't do it.


> [...] I have to do that so I can conect an camera as only works on 2.4
> ghz.


   I doubt it.  If your (unspecified) "an camera" uses only 2.4GHz, then
why would it care if you also use 5GHz (for other devices)?

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Re: Netgear d6300

Thanks for answer. The camera can only conect 2.4. But i found the solution my self. I put down 5 g and conect the camera. And then it works. After I start 5g again. Tada........

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Re: Netgear d6300

Well done. That's a standard trick.


My guess is that you were using some sort of mobile device app that connected at 5 GHz.


The brick wall that you hit is really down to whoever wrote that crummy app for whoever made those cameras. If you can, complain to them about this issue. It will not just be a Netgear issue. Other routers that do 5 GHz will have the same issue. So tell them to get their act together.




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