Nighthawk D7000 and NBN HFC


Nighthawk D7000 and NBN HFC



I recently got NBN HFC installed at my house and decided to switch from Telstra (ADSL2 Plus)  to TPG.


I originally had my D7000 Nighthawk set to router mode so I could put it in another room.


Since switching over, I am having trouble getting the D7000 to connect to NBN.I have tried connecting via Ethernet to an Ethernet point behind the TV and also tried connecting via the current TPLink supplied modem from TPG to no avail.


I have also tried resetting the modem but it doesnt seem to want to show up to connect to.


As a result, i cannot login to the modem via as the router wifi is not being identified and no internet connection is available. Have I bricked the D7000?


The IPv4 address on the D7000 is showing as 169.254..XXX


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Re: Nighthawk D7000 and NBN HFC

Afternoon.  HFC requires you to use the NBN's connection box that then relays into a router of your choosing.  I do not believe a third party modem will work nor can you access the NBN connection boxes interface.  It’s pretty prescriptive in that manner.

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