Nighthawk D7800 latest firmware


Nighthawk D7800 latest firmware

Recently upgraded the firmware to latest of V1.0.1.56 and i am having issues logging into the router, its extremely slow and now started having issues with receiving internet signal via wifi (cable connection ok).  Whilst troubleshooting with network provider to adjust wifi settings to help speed, we could not get the router wifi settings page to load following logging in.  I feel this problem only started since upgrading the firmware.  I'd like to downgrade/backgrade, how do i acheive this? 

Would love some advice in laymans terms, thanks.

Model: D7800|Nighthawk X4S – AC2600 WiFi VDSL/ADSL Modem Router
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Re: Nighthawk D7800 latest firmware

> [...] I'd like to downgrade/backgrade, how do i acheive this? [...]


   Visit , put in your model number, and look
for Downloads.  (For older versions, under Firmware and Software
Downloads, look for "View Previous Versions".)  Find the kit(s).
Download the kit(s) you want.  Read the "Release Notes" file for

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Re: Nighthawk D7800 latest firmware

Here is the earlier firmware release - - all details on how to download and install included.


If you intend to go back one more, there is a "view previous versions" on the D7800 downloads, too.


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