Re: Nighthawk d7000 slow connection


Nighthawk d7000 slow connection

I have had my router for some time connected to ADSL. Worked fine, but since I have upgraded to Vodafone VDSL the router will only connect at 12mb. Have tried all settings but am unable to get a greater speed. I have had to remove it and install the HUAWEI modem supplied by vodafone which is giving me a steady speed around 20mb. Seems a shame to have my nighthawk unused.

Any ideas to speed it up would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Nighthawk d7000 slow connection

I am also with Vodafone using a D7000 currently running the latest firmware.


I also initially used the auto setup and if I am looking at the right figures I am getting:


System Up Time 297:48:45
PortStatusTxPktsRxPktsCollisionsTx B/sRx B/sUp Time
LAN2Link down
LAN3Link down
LAN4Link down
WLAN b/g/n600M5811880029662690034493145297:36:45
WLAN a/n/ac1300M2601820513625075027702639297:36:41

VDSL LinkDownstreamUpstream
Link Rate79999 Kbps20000 Kbps
Line AttenuationD0( 7.8) D1( 15.5) D2( 21.5) dBU0( 2.1) U1( 17.0) U2( 22.6) U3(N/A) U4(N/A) dB
Noise MarginD0( 7.4) D1( 7.4) D2( 7.4) dBU0( 6.2) U1( 6.3) U2( 6.3) U3(N/A) U4(N/A) dB
VDSL2 ProfileProfile 17a 


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Re: Nighthawk d7000 slow connection

Is vodafone a bonded DSL connection?



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