Question about what to buy


Question about what to buy

Hi. I have a r7500 connected to a dm111p in my living room; the dm111p just broke down and I have to change it. I want to buy a modem router so I put it in my bedroom (there the r7500's wifi doesn't arrive). My question is: if I buy a d6000 is it good for my purpose? To it I want to connect the r7500: can I do it or the r7500 is wasted because of the d6000 that is a entry level router?
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Re: Question about what to buy

Hello Nbonettz


You can set your r7500 to be a access point which will allow it to put out Wifi and be able to use the ethernet ports. You can also bridge the D6000 which would basically make it a modem only and use your R7500 as your router. hope to hear your feedback on this.



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