Telnet my N600 3700v2 "Connection closed by foreign host."


Telnet my N600 3700v2 "Connection closed by foreign host."

Hello Everyone


I've read many articles about how to telnet the Netgear N600 3700v2 Router but nothing helps.

It seems to be so simple but I have a problem that I can't solve.


I'm sure telnet is already running on the router (installed using telnetEnable.exe as described here: )


But when I connect I receive the error message "Connected to [...] Connection closed by foreign host."

Many other forum thread are talking about to set up Port forwarding in this case. But even this is not possible as described in the internet.

The following pictures shows port forwarding on my router (there are no other settings):

Port Forwarding

If I click on "Apply" I receive the error message "Invalid IP Address". I have to put a value for the last part of the IP Address but I can't put the router's IP. 

I tried to reset factory default and still the same problem.


My router firmware version: V1.0.1.14

GUI Language Version: V1.0.0.67


Hope you can help me.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Telnet my N600 3700v2 "Connection closed by foreign host."

Hello mikekavo


I was able to find a old thread having similar issues as yourself maybe this will help with your issues. Hope to hear your feedback.



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