WIFI disconnection on D6300


WIFI disconnection on D6300

my wifi router d6300 is having so much problem those days, at the every begging the wifi connection was become every unstable, it became so slow and the i tried to reboot the router, but it only make it better for few hours, till now is totally not working, i thought it was my home internet having problem, then i used my old router and everything is working perfect, i barely know about router setting, so i am sure i didnt change any setting for the netgear d6300. i would like to know how to solve this problem.

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Re: WIFI disconnection on D6300

Hello Kingsleylin


Have you tried a factory reset with the pinhole on the modem and see if the wifi comes back online? if the wifi is still totally dead after that i would suggest contacting netgear support to troubleshoot and see if its a hardware failure.



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