WRN2000 Bridge Mode


WRN2000 Bridge Mode

Hey there, so I am awful with routers etc and am just a simple man who wants to play FIFA on my Xbox One. I am in Canada and am unfortunately with Rogers and they have provided me a router that strictly has IPv6 so I can't find anyone online. I have my Netgear WNR2000 that I tried to bridge but when I bridged it my internet connection was brutal and I could barely even play online. However it was a solid router when I was with a different internet company. My question is am I not doing something I should be when it's in bridged mode? Thanks.
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Re: WRN2000 Bridge Mode

Unfortunately, "bridged mode" has several meanings, so can you describe what you mean by it?  How is your WNR2000 set up and how is it connected to the rest of your network?

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