Wireless ADSL router recommendations


Wireless ADSL router recommendations

Hi all,

First post so be gentle with me!

Im looking for a new wireless router and would like some pointers please.

I need something with a good signal as we live in an old property with thick walls. I also need something that I can block ALL internet traffic via MAC address or router assigned IP address using a timer schedule. I basically need to block all access to the internet for one PC on my network and limit access to 3 timed sessions a day. finally, it needs to be compatible with Talktalk Youview.


Ive Tried and Asus DSL-N66U and a TP-Link Archer VR900 but neither are capable of the blocking I require.

Just wondered if anyone could point me towards a Netgear product up to about £100.

Appreciate any help.


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Re: Wireless ADSL router recommendations

Hello Jotto


D6200 might be you are looking for it has parental controls where you can block web sites and limit the times people are connected. The only thing I cant say will work for sure is the TalkTalk youview I have had customers in the past have issues with this and when I looked into this the isp usually wants you to have there modem and router to use this. Hope this helps



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Re: Wireless ADSL router recommendations

Thanks for the reply.
I'm currently testing a TP-Link D900 I think and it appears to be working.
At first I did have an issue with youview not working but I found this simple fix online. I'm not sure if it could be translated into a Netgear device but somebody that knows what they are doing may be able to figure it out.

Click on Network and WAN Settings should be displayed (if not click on WAN settings).
Click Add
Select DSL Modulation Type: ADSL
Under ATM Configuration enter VPI 0 and VCI 65.
Click the Advance tab and ensure Encapsulation Mode: LLC and ATM QoS Type: UBR
Select WAN service Setup - Connection Type: Bridge
Click Save and your done - that's all there is to it.

End Quote.
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