Wireless comparison of DGND3700 and WNDR3700


Wireless comparison of DGND3700 and WNDR3700

Can anyone with first hand experience comment on this?
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Re: Wireless comparison of DGND3700 and WNDR3700

A proper comparison test would have both routers sitting side-by-side and look at issues of stability, speed, both frequencies and signal strength at different distances & heights.

I can comment on the DGND3700 in my home environment, but I have no experience of the WNDR3700.

From my perspective, the WiFi is now very stable on both the 2.4GHz & 5GHz channels. The signal strength in my home is very good and I have had some tasks running over a period of days without it dropping once.

Unfortunately I can only use channels 36-48 on the 5GHz frequency. This is down to the firmware not enabling the additional channels for Europe. Saying this, I live in an area where there is a lot of WiFi routers and mine is still the only one that my Laptop can see on the 5GHz channels. :cool:
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