parental controls not workiing


parental controls not workiing

I have been using OpenDNS only as Parental controls in Netgear Genie app have never worked. I would prefer to use Netgear genie so i have removed my network from the OpenDNS and I am trying to get Netgear genie parental controls to work. It states it is enabled and I have put the settings to moderate. When I search porn it allows me to open any porn site without a problem. no matter what I search it doesnt bring up the blocked page like it did when I only had OpenDNS doing the job. Please help Smiley Happy I am using windows 7, my internet provider is Dodo and it is DSL.
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Re: parental controls not workiing

Hello sapphirestorm 


Our parental controls are handled threw openDNS so you would need a account with them that you use on the Genie app to control the parental controls.



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