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setting router as access point

hello Community 


I have an old dgn2200 bought from my dsl provided and now I like to set it as access point.

I was reading that there is an option to tick the box and set it as access point, my router doesnt' have this optiom and  I was wondring if I need to upgrade the firmware .


I know that the router version is set especially to my dsl provider becasue I can see my DSL provider logo when loginin to the DSL setup menu.


what I did so far is this and followed a sepcific manual 

I have disabled the DHCP and set SSID and security as main router in my house ,the kan cable is connected between the routers and I can connect devices to the router using a lan cable and devices attached to my DGN are able to retreive ip address from the main router ,


but I am not sure about the wireless , the config between router is the same But when I have device close to the netgear DGN it still connected to the main router and I don't think that the roaming actuallyy works


do i need to upgrade the firmware version of my router ?

how do I check that the wireless option is working and DGn is acting as access point wirelessly 


my firmware version is A2pD030n.d23c



thank you 


Model: DGN2200v4|N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router
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Re: setting router as access point

Hi @avi_stiel, you can try and access the web UI of the DGN200 and change the SSID to something different and try to manually connect your devices to it to see if they do connect to it and can go online. Also, the DGN2200 does not have the wireless roaming feature.



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Re: setting router as access point

> Model: DGN2200v4|N300 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router


   Is that accurate?  Look at the product label.


> my firmware version is A2pD030n.d23c


   You found that number where?


   For a DGN2200v4 (or later?), visit http://netgear.com/support , put
in your model number, and look for Documentation.  Get the User Manual.
Read.  Look for "Wireless AP".


   For a DGN2200v3 (or earlier?):



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