2 Routers (one as AP with WPA2)


2 Routers (one as AP with WPA2)


I have 2x DGN2200 routers:

Router 1:

The one is set up to my internet with DHCP enabled, channel 6 and in WPA2.

Router 2:

I want to use the second router as a Access Point. I don't care if there's security on the second one but the first router HAS to have WPA security enabled.

So on Router 2 I set the channel to 6 with the same/different SSID, disable all security on it and disable DHCP.

In the advanced wireless settings I enable it to be a repeater. I enter Router 2 IP in the space provided and I enter Router 1 MAC address in the space provided.

This isn't working.

Do I have to set Router 1 as the Master in Advance Wireless settings? I don't want to because then I have to use WEP or No security.
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Re: 2 Routers (one as AP with WPA2)

It seems like you want to wirelessly repeat?

If you do want to repeat then the master would most likely need to be set to WEP encryption as you have found.

But even if it were possible for router 2 to have no encryption set and yet still be able to communicate with router 1 wirelessly where router 1 has WPA2 encryption set, your wireless network would still be operating with no encryption.

If router 2 was wired to your LAN, and operating with no encryption, then your LAN would still be compromised.
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Re: 2 Routers (one as AP with WPA2)

per said above, you better off get extender to rectify your needs since your setup will NOT work

use on DGN2200 and extender ex. wn2500rpt,wn2000rpt
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