I received an email telling me to update my firmware.  The probem is that my security will not allow me to access the website given.  Is there another way to update my WiFi Router?

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Re: 3W12635B01497

> 3W12635B01497


      Your serial number is not a useful datum in this context.


> [...] my security will not allow me to access the website given.


   Sure it will.  But it might try to discourage you.


   What, exactly, does "my security" mean to you?  How, exactly, does it
"not allow" you to do anything?  Are you seeing some actual error
message?  Care to share?  Are you using some web browser or other, on
some type of computer (operating system) or other, pointed at some URL
or other?

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Re: 3W12635B01497



   First, it would make more sense to keep your replies in your own
thread (that is, this one) than to clutter that months-old thread.  Did
you read it?

> I tried Firefox and Webroot (my secuirty) will not allow me to get on
> to "". I am told the site is not secure either as did
> Chrome.


   How, exactly, does that warning "not allow" you to do anything?
Which part of "The easy thing to do is ignore the warning, and proceed"
was unclear?


   If "Webroot (my secuirty)" actually blocks your access to your
router's management web site in some way, then you may need to disable
it (or add some limited exception to its over-strict rules).


> Is there a way to go into Netgear's website to update?

   Use a web browser, and not pay much attention to "site is not secure"
warnings?  (Note: "" is your own router's management web
site, not "Netgear's website".)

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