Re: 3rd Party Firmware for R6260


3rd Party Firmware for R6260

Hello All,


I have a Netgear AC1600 R6260...yes a R6260.  I cannot tell you how I obtained it, but I would like to install a 3rd party firmware onto it and am not having any luck finding such a firmware that says it will work with this model.


I need the ability to add different Dynamic DNS services onto it, other than the two that Netgear is "in bed" with.  This being stated, I think that the only option that I have is to install a 3rd party firmware, but I cannot find one since my router model is not listed on the Netgear website and I definitely do not want to brick the router.


Whereas I would love to go out and purchase a Nighthawk, I just don't have the funds available right now to waste on something like this, especially since I do have two functioning Netgear Routers, one as the router and one as a wired Repeater.


Thank you all, in advance, for your help with this.




William Laster

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Re: 3rd Party Firmware for R6260

Sorry, as an additional note, I did login in to the router on Google Chrome and attempted to change the to the DDNS service that I use, but this proved to be useless.


Somebody else was able to do this via the Developer Tools, but apparently it has been locked down now and that option is no longer available.

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