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5GHz device roaming

Hi all

I have a WNDR4000 and have devices connecting on both channels. I recently extended into our attic room where 5GHz reception is pretty much zero. I ran some CAT5 up there so what I want is to buy another device, that can be wired to the existing one, which will allow 5GHz connectivity up there on the same SSID, and hopefully allow devices to 'roam' succesfully.

I see plenty of stuff on the web on setting this up with same WPA details and different bands etc but is there an inbuilt solution for this from Netgear? Does this type of roaming even work properly with home-spec devices? I know we have it at work with a Cisco solution and my laptop doesn't drop out when I move around the building.

What would be my best/cheapest option here?

thanks 🙂

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Re: 5GHz device roaming

One of the things about a 5GHz wireless network is it suffers from significant attenuation as it passes through walls etc.,- this is both a disadvantage and an advantage - the disadvantage you have already discovered, the advantage is that because of the attenuation, interference is less of a problem.

There is, in most cases, very little advantage to running both 2.4GHz & 5GHz radios in the same network, so unless you have an over riding need to use 5GHz, why not just 2.4GHz and save yourself the bother?

On the assumption that you will proceed as planned - if you use a 5GHz access point wired to the existing network and configure it to have a different channel, but the same SSID and encryption keys, you'll come as close as you can to what you need - however there is no way to guarantee against dropped connections.

You can also use another wireless router provided it is configured to function as an access point, routers separate networks, and that is not what is required here.

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Re: 5GHz device roaming

You can set up roaming access points.
I had a 3700 and a 4000 set up at opposite ends of my home last year.
What I can tell you is:

There is no "one button" click set up, you have to do the legwork.
Make sure all SSIDs and passwords on 2.4GHz match
Make sure all SSIDs and passwords match on 5GHz
Make sure each access point uses a manually entered channel that is different (or non overlapping) from the other access points.

My observation in a nutshell, WiFi roaming on 2.4GHz is seamless and smooth as butter between access points.
5GHz roaming is another matter. It works, but it is very "sticky" Clients eem to hang onto an access point until there is almost zero signal before hopping to the next access point. Changes in NIC settings don't help much.

So yes, Netgear routers can be set up for roaming, but you will get better end results on 2.4Ghz than 5Ghz
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Re: 5GHz device roaming

^^^ Along with the above, make sure your SSID's are set to different channels so as not to interfere with each other.
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Re: 5GHz device roaming

I'm having déjà vu. 😄
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Re: 5GHz device roaming

Devor wrote:
I'm having déjà vu. 😄

I think you covered this all awhile back didn't you?

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Re: 5GHz device roaming

Thank you
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