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Assigning Permissions / Security On Router Attached Hard Drive


I have spent days looking for a solution but to no avail so I have come before you Tech Lords in hope of an answer.


Two Computers + Multiple Other Devices

OS: Windows 10 Pro
Router: R6400
ExHD: Seagate Backup Plus

I have my Seagate attached to my R6400. The drive appears on both computers and to anyone else on the network just fine. I would like to set user permissions (or another security measure) on the drive so that only a select few Users can access it (Guest and other devices excluded).


However, when I try to set permissions I can only see the Users on the Drive not my Computers. See below:


Is it possible to have Users from my computer show up on the Drive Permissions List? Is that even possible?
I have tried Windows Homegroup.

I apologize for the amateur hour but this issue has really started to gnaw away at me. Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you.


Model: R6400|AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Assigning Permissions / Security On Router Attached Hard Drive

You could try a program to make the files unreadable to all but yours there are many programs that should work on the internet or if you hide your files in a folder that you have the key to unlock and use.

Microsoft may hold the answer since you windows 10 pro in the form of a downloadable program.

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Re: Assigning Permissions / Security On Router Attached Hard Drive



Afraid, as woth most non-Windows servers, it is not possible to manage the shared folder (and even less sub-folder) access from Windows - the RPC interface required is not available here.


Just like on on a "big" NAS, the shared folder access rights must be managed from the Genie UI (ie. the Web Genie UI). Unfortunately, the capabilities on the Netger router implementation is rather limited - either permit non-authenticated (so calld "guest") access, or you must use the admin account. Neither the older routers nor the modern Nighthawk models offer the ability for adding user account, creating groups, which would permit a decent single-sign-on style 


The only management options for the shared folder access is in the Advanced tab - ReadySHARE - Advanced Settings.


ReadySHARE USB Storage Advanced Folder Access Admin Only.PNG


Big shortcoming ...



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Re: Assigning Permissions / Security On Router Attached Hard Drive

Thank you for the Kudos @Eiffel55 ... curious if the available options are sufficient for your use case.


I would expect the ability to create individual users, ie. the same usernames as already in use on the Windows systems, the ability to group them to similar access rights, and grant access to shares based on this data.



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