At about 20 devices reconnections fail

When we have about 20 devices connected, some by ethernet and others by wireless, devices that have been "asleep" wake up but cannot get their IP addresses. The network map shows them off line and the IP address they had when last connected but the devices themselves get a message that they cannot connect to the network.

According to the documentation the router "typically" supports 50 to 70 nodes "limited by the amount of wireless network traffic generated by each node." Now this happens without any streaming going on, generally checking email on smartphones or similar activities.

Has anyone else experienced this and resolved it? If so, how? Is the router defective or are the connections simply too weak in our environment? I tried asking support who declined to answer because the router is out of warranty. This has happened only after we've had several guests visit and added devices to our guest network reaching that 20 number.

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Re: At about 20 devices reconnections fail

Have you checked that the router DHCP range is set to support more than 20 devices?
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Re: At about 20 devices reconnections fail

That isn't the issue, there are plenty of DHCP addresses available.

Just to be clear it isn't that the 21st can't log in. The problem is that each of the 20 has been assigned an IP address but when any of them "goes to sleep" and then tries to access the network when some number (not sure exactly what number but possibly around 18) are active on the network that device can't access the network and shows on the network map as off line.
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