Betreff: BR200 - BR500 compare


BR200 - BR500 compare

Hi All,


Wondering if there is a compare chart between the BR200 and the BR500?


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sidebar, I tried listing this in business and seems to come over to home community

Model: BR500|Insight Instant VPN Router
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Betreff: BR200 - BR500 compare

You might want to follow this post as well:

I suspect some site-to-site VPN features are removed (some message hash authentication algorithms for site-to-site VPNs).


Also the less popular Insight Instant VPN feature seems to be removed, but this does not have a huge impact in my opinion if you plan to use it as a business router.

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Betreff: BR200 - BR500 compare

Is the BR200 easier to setup than the BR500? I worked with several people to try to get direct site to site VPN working and we never could. This was when the Insight Instant VPN was not working very well.


At this point, it doesn't matter, as I am only running one BR500 as a firewall and for the OpenVPN server to log into the network. Only running one network at the moment.  

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