Block Sites Just Doesn't Work


Block Sites Just Doesn't Work

I've recently discovered that the increased net video watching in this household appears to be pushing my data usage up high enough to trigger Comcast warnings of hitting the 300GB monthly limit.

I thought I would be able to add well-known video sites to the Block Sites list in my WNDR4500 router. That just doesn't seem to work.

For example, during a period of very high usage, detected by seeing differences in the Traffic Meter over time, I can see this in the log

[Site allowed:] from source, Thursday, Jun 26,2014 20:07:21

I can copy and paste that name given,, into the Block Sites list on the Security page, but that log entry will appear again as if nothing happened. There seems to be no effect whatsoever on usage.

I've also tried just, as well as copying new sites whenever seen in the log, into the block sites list. The device continues to function and the log continues to show Site allowed for the sites I add to the list. In this particular example, the device is an iPhone.

The only effect I've seen is if I put and in the list, I can see a wired Windows PC get the Netgear blocked web page when trying to navigate there, and I see Site blocked in the log. However, a Kindle can still access Netflix with its app

Should I not be able to block sites like this? Why does it continue to report Site allowed for the exact site that I have in the Block Sites list?

Any help will be appreciated.
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Re: Block Sites Just Doesn't Work

Block keywords are somewhat limited. https does not work as well

Portable app that uses netflix may reach out different server that other pc base will use. Wireshark may able to capture what traffic it is requesting .
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Re: Block Sites Just Doesn't Work

As said, HTTPS doesn't seem to work sometimes.

Also, the keywords are more of a "URL" filter than anything else, I have found that they refuse to block as a keyword (regardless of what the page says).

Sadly the QoS feature doesn't feature downstream throttling... Hopefully they will add that in the future.

On a personal note, Users really need to start standing up to Comcast or things will just get worse. At a minimum they should have options for your speed to drop to say 1 meg when you hit your threshold (vs having to pay 20 cents per GB).

Bear in mind that data usage normally includes ALL data, not just packet data. So overheads + dropped packets + repeated packets + people scanning ports. Routers will never display this value correctly, it will be lower EVERY TIME than what the head units at your ISP records.
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Re: Block Sites Just Doesn't Work

The traffic meter seems close enough to Comcast's Usage Monitor for my purposes, within 2% or so. Through the process of watching traffic rates over time, I isolated my bandwidth hog to my grandson who was video-chatting other gamers while he played a PS3 game. I really appreciate the router's traffic meter that resets every month just like Comcast does.

As for the site blocking, I can get that some protocols or methods aren't trapped, but when the log says "Site allowed: xxxxx" and xxxxx is in the list, that just tells me the router isn't even trying. It saw the site and computed an "allowed" status when it only needed to look at the list.

I allegedly get 3 "freebies" of going over limit. So hopefully, no charge this time. Normally, this household has been staying around 40% - 60% of the limit. When I first discovered the 300GB cap, I never dreamed we'd go over.

It'd be really nice if the Traffic Monitor could count traffic by MAC.
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Re: Block Sites Just Doesn't Work

I found two ways to block netflix.


1st use the comcast gateway modem router supplied by comcast and add Netflix to managed sites in parental control.


2nd use address reservations to assign a single or block of IP's for the devices you want to block Netflix on. Then write a rule that blocks HTTPS and have it apply to those devives. Yes, it will block more than nexflix but this should get the point across.


In the past many have complained about the Comcast gateway/router including myself. Several months ago I finally realised how it could solve some bandwidth issuses regarding streaming. When in router mode port 4 can be isolated ( data usage is still applied)  from the home network, this allows me to setup another network and router setting the bandwidth usage to say 50gb once they ( the kids ) use it thats it they're SOL until next month unless I change a SSID and PW and give them acces to the comcast router which has netflix blocked.







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Re: Block Sites Just Doesn't Work

Does anyone know if this is a common problem to all routers? I want to upgrade to a faster one, but if it's just some routers or with Netgear, I would like to know ahead of time.

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Re: Block Sites Just Doesn't Work

@terrimaree Blocking a specific HTTPS site is best done by adding the domain name in the blacklist of the Parental Control.

Once you have added it, then there shouldn't be any access on that particular site.
Let us know if you need further help.

NETGEAR Community Team
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Re: Block Sites Just Doesn't Work

Hi Elaine... This solution does not work because when I add a https domain, that domain url is added but the https is stripped from it.
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