Buying advice WNDR4500 vs. R6300


Buying advice WNDR4500 vs. R6300

I have decided to replace my Dlink wireless router at home with a Netgear unit.
Which should I choose WNDR4500 or R6300?
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Re: Buying advice WNDR4500 vs. R6300

look the the spec of each

6300 is the LATEST 802.11AC WIFI and 4500 is not.
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Re: Buying advice WNDR4500 vs. R6300

I can't speak to the 4500, but I've been happy with my R6300. I've run into a couple of strange issues, but after some fixes and tweaks, it looks like things are running smoothly.
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Re: Buying advice WNDR4500 vs. R6300

I had that decision a bit ago. I had been using a chain of Dlink routers ending with the DGL4500. I switched to the WNDR3700 when it came out and it was the best router I had used at the time.

A couple of months ago I decided to upgrade and had to decide between the WNDR4500 and the R6300. The 4500 was cheaper, but the 6300 was more future proof so I went with the R6300. It has been flawless and a better performer than the WNDR3700 plus has the AC future capabilities should I ever have the clients that could use it.

To me the R6300 was the best choice and I am happy with it.
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Re: Buying advice WNDR4500 vs. R6300

I tried a 4500 and surprisingly for me, and my environment, the wireless coverage was rather poor at the furthest reaches of my house. So I went with the 6300 which for me has offered better wireless coverage.

I didn't compare anything else re: the 4500 because the wireless just didn't cut it.

I was expecting better coverage than the 3700 just because of the antennae used on the 4500; alas it was not to be.
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Re: Buying advice WNDR4500 vs. R6300

A lot of great info here. Even though at this point these devices are basically obsolete. They still get the job done. Rather well at that.
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Re: Buying advice WNDR4500 vs. R6300

I'll go for the R6300!


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