Re: C3000 no internet light, unable to connect


C3000 no internet light, unable to connect

Hi all, I have a C3000 N300 that is no longer working for my house.  We just switched xfinity accounts (somebody moved out so I had to take over and create a new account) but we are using the exact same router that we have had for 3 years with no issues previously.  An xfinity rep came out this morning to activate everything and install a new coax cable.  Everything was working on their end, their tests came back fine, but my router has no light next to the wifi symbol (2.4 GHz) and therefore we have no wifi.  They said there is nothing they can do on their end and I cannot find any help elsewhere.  Who knows what's going on?

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Re: C3000 no internet light, unable to connect

> [...] my router has no light next to the wifi symbol (2.4 GHz) [...]


   Visit , put in your model number, and look
for Documentation.  Get the User Manual.  Read.  Look for the LED and
button descriptions and "Troubleshoot".  Pay particular attention to the
"WiFi On/Off button with LED".  Did you press it?  (Further reading
might be helpful, too.)

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Re: C3000 no internet light, unable to connect

Yes, it does nothing.

The manual is not helpful in finding a solution to my problem, which is why I am on here.

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Re: C3000 no internet light, unable to connect

No one can offer much help without some details about what is going on at your end, what you have tried to fix it and where things go wrong.


You say "no internet light" and "no light next to the wifi symbol". Which is it? They aren't the same thing.


If it is just the wifi that doesn't work, try pressing the wifi on/off switch on the front.


We don't even know what this router is.


Is it the C3000 in your title? If so, that's a  Cable Modem Router.

If you need more help, you might get better and quicker replies, and find other answers, over in the appropriate section for your device:

Cable Modems & Routers

This is, by the way, an ancient (2014) device.


According to Netgear's manual for this device, not always a reliable guide, the LAN and WAN support only 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX. That makes it slower than many newer internet services and most modern network hardware. This may not matter to you, but be warned that it will hobble you if you ever sign up for faster Internet. It also slows down whatever is going on in your local network. Newer devices support 1000BASE-TX. They also have 5 GHz wifi.





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