C6300 AC1750 slow wireless internet speed


C6300 AC1750 slow wireless internet speed

I am having extremely slow wi-fi download speed at 18 mbps, when I am paying for over 100 mbps through Xffinty. I bought this in September 2018 and it has been happening for months, but I haven't had time to deal with it. Now I am trying and Netgear wants me to pay them to offer suggestions. Xfininty says they checked the network and everything looks fine on their end. Please can anyone offer suggestions?     I've spent hours on the phone trying to figure things out and waiting on hold.


At this point, if I cant get some help without paying an additioanl $90 to Netgear I am going to buy another product from another company and never buy Netgear again.




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Re: C6300 AC1750 slow wireless internet speed

Netgear offers 90 days of free support. If you're outside of that, it does cost $. This is the community site and we'd be happy to help.


1. Xfinity can say what they want but I never trust them. A screen shot of your connections page (upload and download) can help.

2. What speeds are you getting with a hardwired connection? Not wireless.This is key as we need to make sure the combo device is getting full speeds. If the modem side of it is only getting 18mbps, you can't expect wireless to be faster.

3. What website are you using for testing?

4. What channel are you testing on? The 2.4ghz or 5ghz? 5ghz is much faster but doesn't transmit as far

5. What device are you testing with?


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