CM500V and OPtmum (Altice)


CM500V and OPtmum (Altice)

I called Optimum (Altice) and their tech told me that CM500V works with thier connection, but after installing it, I find that it doesn't.  Is there something I need to do with the modem to make it work with Optimum?  Appreciate any input on this as this has been a very frustrating process!

Model: CM500V|Cable Modem for Internet & Voice–DOCSIS 3.0
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Re: CM500V and OPtmum (Altice)

The isp controls the firmware and the activation. From our end, there's nothing we can do.

And not all techs know what they're talking about. I'd try talking to another tech about compatiblity and activation. Why are they telling you it doesn't work? Did they try activating it? Potentially the auto-activation doesn't work for all ISPs which is why some you have to call.

Is your modem used or is it new?

A little more details on exactly what your isp is telling you, whats going wrong, what you've tried, and where the modem comes from would help. 

If you do have any splitters, amplifiers, attenuators hooked up, i'd remove them. 


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