Can I Move my WNDR4500 to Neighbor's House without New Setup?

My router has been virtually rock-steady for the last 2 years and has provided an excellent signal to both me and my next-door neighbor. It's been connected to my DSL router this whole time.

My neighbor is buying a new big screen TV and will be subscribing to a bundled TV/Phone/Internet plan through TWC. The Internet they're giving him will supposedly be much faster than the DSL we're now sharing. He's offered to share the new Internet service with me. However, he doesn't have a router.

What I want to know is how big a pain it would be to disconnect and move my trusty WNDR4500 to his house and connect his new cable modem to it. Will I have to go through a complete setup, even though we plan on keeping the same network name and WPA2 password? I'm hoping it will be a simple process since my 90 days of free phone support for this router ran out over a year ago, and I'm not familiar with router setup.

I've read about some connectivity problems concerning TWC modems and Netgear routers. Have those been resolved?

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Re: Can I Move my WNDR4500 to Neighbor's House without New Setup?

The best answer you're going to get is - it depends... I can disconnect my router (I have DSL) and take it over to my daughter and reconnect it (she has cable) and it will work flawlessly, so it is possible to do it. Does your DSL require the router to be configured for it (PPPoE login) some do, some don't, will your neighbor's TWC cable service require something special - it might seeing as it's triple play. You may be able to connect your router (WAN) to his router (LAN) and have everything work, provided you don't need port forwarding or similar. My suggestion is try it & see.

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Re: Can I Move my WNDR4500 to Neighbor's House without New Setup?

OK sports fans, since I only received a couple of replies to my posts on this subject I assume no body out there has a definitive answer. So, let me answer my own question, based on today's experience:

I finally disconnected my MNDR4500 from the DSL modem in my house, moved the router to my next-door neighbor's house, powered it back up and connected it to his TWC cable modem. It took about 3 minutes to initialize itself and get the 4 green & one blue lights, then it began transmitting a good wireless Internet signal. All without having to use the Netgear Genie or manually configuring the router.

So the answer is YES, you can indeed move the router to a new location and hook it up to a different type modem without doing a new setup. At least in my case, you can. Your mileage may vary.
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