Can't access ftp for readyshare on internet


Can't access ftp for readyshare on internet


I have a vonage router that forwards all necessary ports to the Netgear router. I've set up readyshare on the USB storage. I am able to view the readyshare files via http from the internet (outside the network) just fine, and I am able to access the ftp site from within the network (using the address). But for some reason I can't seem to access using ftp outside the network.

I have set up the vonage device to forward ports 20 and 21 to the Netgear router. If I attempt to access with ftp:///shares, as instructed, I get the "cannot display webpage" error.

As I said, http outside the network is working fine. I forward the chosen http port and all is hunky-dory.

I'm kinda stuck at this point.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Can't access ftp for readyshare on internet

Does your ftp client allow you to specify active or passive mode? If so, try setting it to passive. Or active if it's already on passive. Other than that I'm not sure.
I am in no way affiliated with Netgear other than as a consumer. Anything I advise may break your router and void your warranty.
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