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Can't get WiFi extender to work with MAC filtering.

wndr3800 v1.0.0.32 (was v1.0.0.44, trying it out)
DHCP Server is on.
Guest network 2.4Ghz with WPA2-PSK AES encryption.

TP-Link range extender TL-WA850RE
DHCP server is off.

Everything seems to be fine, but both the extender and any device connected to it show up as wireless intruders even though their MAC address are on the access list. Any suggestions?

Spent all day trying to figure this out. Only reason I have an extender is because the router's wifi is so shockingly bad. Walk 10m away and you lose the signal and that's on top of android devices struggling to keep a connection. My thinking was to use the tplink as a go between.

Marc :-)
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Re: Can't get WiFi extender to work with MAC filtering.

Just delete this thread. Smiley Happy
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