Can't use Routerlogin.NET, even w. Ethernet


Can't use Routerlogin.NET, even w. Ethernet

When I try to go to using Firefox 34.0.5 on OSX 10.10.1 (Yosemite), I get the frame of buttons etc., but no content - just the endless wheel of loading.

Ethernet also doesn't seem to give an IP address when I look in network control panel, so that's a problem. External internet is down, and for that router it will stay down (separate problem) until I can log into the R6200.

I need to be able to log into the modem as a standalone piece of tech, without an external internet connection coming into the R6200.

Can anyone help? I can't seem to find a Factory Reset function, either...
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Re: Can't use Routerlogin.NET, even w. Ethernet

Try other web browsers. For the reset button of the router, you can see a small circular whole right beside the power button. Press that whole until the power light turns amber.
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