Re: Cannot Set Up USB Hard Drive


Cannot Set Up USB Hard Drive

Please help:

The following buttons are grayed out on Advanced USB setup screens:

Create Network Folder
Safely Remove USB Device

In addition, the approved and available USB devices are showing up as:

Volume Name - My Book
Device Name - WD My Book 1130
Capacity - 746.48 GB

and these cannot be deleted.

I would like to get my WD My Book Essentials 2GB drive working out of the router's USB port. This drive is on the list at Netgear's site as one that will work. Better yet, I have a new WD MY Book Essentials 3GB drive and I'd love to get that working, but as of now, it's not on the list at the Netgear site.

Thanks for any help you might be able to give me.

Alan Sharkis
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Re: Cannot Set Up USB Hard Drive

I am having similar problem but have a SimpleTech device, does anyone know if it will work. I can not see it on my network. Is anyone useing the new Western Digital Model MY book 1 or more terrabit models i can not even find the listed wester digit models
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