Re: Cannot connect after scheduled shutdown


Cannot connect after scheduled shutdown

I am routinely having issues connecting to my wifi router after it's scheduled shutdown period. My router (R6250) is dual-band.


Network 1: 2.4GHz b/g/n - scheduled for auto turn off

Network 2: 5GHz a/n/ac - no schedule


Network 1 is scheduled to turn off between the ours of 11pm and 6am. Every morning I cannot connect to this network. When I try to connect using my iPhone, I get an "Incorrect password" error. Using my computer, it just says it cannot connect. I have to regularly reboot the router in order to reestablish a connection to this network.


I'm hoping there's a simple answer to this issue; otherwise, I'll be purchasing another router.

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Re: Cannot connect after scheduled shutdown

Hi @kdowker,


If the router is already using the latest firmware, I recommend performing a firmware re-flash then reset and reconfigure the router. You may refer to the links below for the steps.





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