Cant access created folders over ftp/readyshare


Cant access created folders over ftp/readyshare

Hi All


I`ve got problem with created folder over ftp/readyshare


I`ve got wndr4300vq router with connected NTFS hdd. I`ve shared it over netgear genie with permissions ALL-Without password for write and read


What I can do:

-uploading/downloading files

-creating/deleting folders


what I can`t do:

-Upload files to created folder over ftp with information Access Denied


As I can see over filezilla or windows explorer, all folder by default have permission 777, but the one created by me have 755, so i can`t move anything into them, but still can delete or move them to initialy created folder (the one created when hdd was in laptop)


Did anyone have similar problem?


I`ve tried to change permissions  over filezilla but always occures Permissions Danied


And there is no problem to move items to originaly created folder


Please help



Model: WNDR4300|N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router
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