Cant access email server through WNDR4500

Have just upgraded my WGR614 to a new WNDR4500. Upgrade was easy and went smoothly. I have four devices with both wired and wireless connections to the 4500, and all connect to the Internet ok. Only trouble is, I cant access my ISP's email server from any device connected to the 4500, which I could do immediately before the upgrade. I can access other email servers (eg. gmail), but not my own ISP's. However, if I use the 3g network from my phone provider, I can access my ISP's email server, so must be something to do with the router, but no idea what.:confused:
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Re: Cant access email server through WNDR4500

Have sorted the problem via my ISP. He suggested I change the DNS server settings on the router, and it worked!Smiley Happy
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