Re: Changing channels on WNR2000v2 using a mac


Changing channels on WNR2000v2 using a mac

How does one change channels on WNR2000v2 (wireless router). I'm trying to add a second appleTV to my network... but, it won't connect. Apple said I should try a different channel on my router. (i can't seem to find any control panel or icon or anything at all in finder regarding my router).
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Re: Changing channels on WNR2000v2 using a mac

read manual and download manual.
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Re: Changing channels on WNR2000v2 using a mac

I know very little about MACs, but the router operation is the same with a MAC or a PC, i.e. it’s a stand alone network device that is not controlled by any specific computer, no ‘drivers’ are needed, so there may well be no control panel icons.

If the MAC is connected to the router and able to access the Internet, then it is operating on the correct LAN subnet. If you are able to find the IP address allocated to the MAC e.g. 192.168.1.x, then the router IP address will by default be and can be accessed there via an internet browser at

It is possible that the router can change the LAN subnet from the default to 10.0.0.x typically. This can occur if the router is allocated a 192.168.x.y IP address on its WAN side from the modem. Many DSL models are also routers and are the most common cause of the router automatic LAN IP range change, but some cable modems also have routing functions e.g. those that provide VoIP functions.
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