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Connecting a Tablet

Hey y'all I just got a Samsung Tab3. This is my first wifi product and I am seriously confused. I have been trying for hours to try and connect it to the wifi and it refuses to connect. I know that it is still basic factory settings (even though I know how not secure that is) and when I enter the standard password online on my desktop to check for updates it accepts it, but not on my tablet. I also know that the one I am sharing a house with has had the exact same tablet (brand and kind, not the physical one) for several months now and never had any issues connecting. I am completely desprate and at my end.Can ANY body PLEASE help me?!?!?! I am truly at my end. I have been waiting on this thing for a week and now I cannot even start to use it. 

God Bless all y'all

Tess Stanhope

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Re: Connecting a Tablet

What is the model of router please e.g. R7000, WNDR4500 etc.?


Does the Tab3 see your network in a scan? It’s not clear from your post, but have you tried connecting with no wireless encryption set at the router? Does the tab3 connect OK to other networks?

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Re: Connecting a Tablet


Yes, my network is listed on the tablet. The router modle is a WNDR3300. No I have not tried another connection. I haven't been any place with one. I am not sure what you mean about trying to connect with no ecryption set at the router. 

God Bless Tess Stanhope

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Re: Connecting a Tablet

In case there is any confusion, there are two types of passwords.  One type is used to log into the router in order to change its settings.  This is also known as the administrative password.


The other type is the used to connect to the Wi-Fi.  Some routers, including yours, have more than one Wi-Fi network and will, therefore, have multiple Wi-Fi passwords.


Make sure you are entering the Wi-Fi password, not the adminstrative password, into your tablet.  If you haven't changed the settings on the router, then the Wi-Fi passwords are printed on a label attached to the bottom of the router.

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Re: Connecting a Tablet

Some routers, including yours, have more than one Wi-Fi network and will, therefore, have multiple Wi-Fi passwords.


You can easily set the same password for your modem's wifi networks. I do that.


But you may see different SSIDs for the different wifi bands. The SSIDs are the names that show up as the local wifi networks available to your tablet. You can change the SSID names and the passwords using the web interface. There's nothing to stop you from using the same passwords for different SSIDs.


Some modems will also let you set up "guest" access that does not need a password. If, like me, you live some way from the neighbours, then no one is likely to "steal" your wifi connection and you can allow guest access.

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