Create Multiple Schedule to block each device


Create Multiple Schedule to block each device

I have a single schedule set up to block my kids laptop during the week from all internet access but I also need to set up a second schedule to block those same laptops on the weekend for a different time frame. Can the second schedule be created? It seems like that it only allows for one schedule to be created but not a second one.  Any suggestions?

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Re: Create Multiple Schedule to block each device

Hi @Leech001328,


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What's the exact model number of your NETGEAR device?

Regarding the Schedule, there's only one schedule that can be set on the NETGEAR router.

However, if you're just trying to block the wireless connection some of our routers have an option to turn on/off the wireless connection by schedule.

This feature is entirely for wireless connections only and you cannot specify a website. It's all or nothing.




Another option as well, is the use of NETGEAR Live Parental Control.

Hope this helps.

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