D6300 unable to login to router or access web address....

I have a D6300 router which worked correctly with Netgear Genie - now since connecting to fibreoptic with BT ECI NGA Type 1B I have full internet connection and network using EX6200 is working correctly - the network map is showing in Netgear Genie. However, I cannot access Router Login through genie nor through web address login. I have attempted all solutions suggested on the internet including using alternative to IE, soft and hard resets of D6300
Advice and suggestions would be appreciated - thanks
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Re: D6300 unable to login to router or access web address....

Sorry but I’m not a DSL user, so could be off target here but…
The new BT modem that you have looks like a router to me, are you connecting the D6300 to it using the D6300’s Ethernet WAN port? If so then you are effectively running two routers in series. Assuming you have a computer running a Microsoft Windows OS, go to a Command Prompt (Start, All Programs, Accessories) and type ipconfig /all, the IP address of the Gateway should be the router IP address, which is normally for a Netgear router, but can automatically change to if the Netgear has detected another Private network on it’s WAN interface (another 192.168.x.y network).
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