DG834 not able to work wirelessly


DG834 not able to work wirelessly

So I can't get any response from netgear themselves, there online chat is down, they aren't responding to emails and last time I rang I was stuck on the phone for 2 hours. At least 1/4 of that I was on hold, and I didn't get help at the time.

So I know its an old router, but its barely been used. My D-link provided from talktalk is having issues so I thought I would get out the trusty netgear.

Well I can work wired, but can't for the life of me work out how to connect wirelessly again.

On the router page "wireless settings" is not there, only ADSL settings. So where am I going wrong??
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Re: DG834 not able to work wirelessly

DG834 is NOT wireless router unless model end with G (DG834G)
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