DG834G port forwarding query/issue


DG834G port forwarding query/issue


I have a V4 834G with 5.01.14.

I am 100% confident with port forwarding and exactly how to do it with this router. Unfortunately it seems that no matter the inbound rules put in place, all port testing shows the ports closed.

Furthermore, programs like Bittorrent indicate the ports are open, however if I remove the firewall rules from the router, Bittorrent shows the ports closed yet the stream of data is unaffected or compromised. I.e. I do not lose speed or stability of the torrent.

I find this strange that all ports are listed as closed but games and Bittorrent work fine.

I have heard this may be firmware related but would like to avoid a reflash to an older version if possible.
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Re: DG834G port forwarding query/issue

if there uPnP feature in router gui, disable it .
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