Re: DGN2200v1.0 WI-FI connection issue


DGN2200v1.0 WI-FI connection issue

I have a DGN2200v1.0 with V1.0.0.46_7.0.44 firmware version, updated 1 mount ago, the router has always worked pretty well since 2010, but about 3-4 days ago started having problem with WI-FI connection. Wired connection works perfectly, but with WI-FI connection is now unstable.
This is the typical scenario: turn on the router, a laptop connects to the router with a wi-fi connection, at the very start is working fine, but after a random time (typically 5-30 minures) starts disconnections and very slow connection rate, then cannot connect. I have tried with three different device 2 laptop and a smartphone so this is a router issue.
Cannot relate this problem to any change (the firmware update is 1 mount ago), as suggested in this forum I changed the Mode in the Wireless cfg section of the router Mode up to 145Mbps (from up to 300Mbps) without any change, the wi-fi issue is still there.
Thanks for any answers and tips
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Re: DGN2200v1.0 WI-FI connection issue

As a first step I'd say you should revert to the firmware that was working since 2010. Newer firmware have been known to have bugs or break something, so it's not a good idea to move from something that has been stable for 2 years or more. Others may disagree, so that's just my opinion.

Secondly, after flashing any firmware, it is recommended that you reset to factory defaults either via the pinhole or the GUI, then manually re-enter all your settings. You did not state specifically whether you did that, so that's a possible cause of your issues too.

Thirdly, it's also possible that the wireless radio is going bad, in which case you would have to purchase a new router.

145 Mbps is "neighbor friendly" mode and uses a single channel on the 2.4 GHz band, whereas 300 Mbps uses two channels. Also, with the natural overlap of signals on these channels, it pretty much makes the whole 2.4 GHz band unusable by others. Not only that, setting the mode to 300 Mbps may not only be hurting your neighbors, but you too. However, seeing that you already lowered that setting and it made no difference, I'd say any of the previously stated are the cause of your issues.
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Re: DGN2200v1.0 WI-FI connection issue

Thanks for the answer,
no I didn't reset to factory setting after installing the new firmware; I will try that before downgrading to the first firmware version.
Best regards
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